Random Names

Male Names
  • Adrien (Latin) - From Hadria [English and French speaking countries]

    Adrien is the French equivalent of the English Adrian, but this spelling is sometimes used by English-speaking parents.

  • Agniruha (Indian) - Fire Tree
  • Amolik (Indian,Sanskrit) - Priceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmost
  • Analadi (Indian) - Music; In Tamil it means any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious sounds
  • Andrew (Greek) - Man, warrior [English speaking countries]

    Andrew was a disciple of Jesus and of John the Baptist, who it is said was martyred by being crucified on a cross in the shape of an "X". He became a saint. This symbol is now referred to as Saint Andrew's cross. Andrew was the brother of Peter.

  • Ben (Hebrew) - Son of Zion or usually just son
  • Brodrig (English) - From the broad ridge
  • Durvish (Indian) - One who is not affected by poison
  • Elbert (French) - Noble and famous [English speaking countries]
  • Hardas (Indian) - Slave of God; Servant of God; One who is at service of the Lord
  • Harisaroop (Indian) - Appearance of God; Form of God; One who is like Lord Vishnu
  • Harris (Germanic) - Home ruler [English speaking countries]
  • Jogvichaar (Indian) - Reflections to Attain Union with God; Thoughts of attaining salvation and being one with God
  • Jorgelina (Hebrew) - Variant of Georgina.
  • Kalpa (Indian) - Able; Fit; Proficient; Capable; Talented; Competent;
  • Layden (English) - Strong, someone very loved.
  • Lee (Hebrew) - Poetic
  • Magan (Indian) - Absorbed; engrossed [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Indian boy name meaning "absorbed", "engrossed".

    Magan was also an ancient region which was referred to in Sumerian cuneiform texts of around 2300 BC as a source of copper and diorite for Mesopotamia. The location of Magan is not known with

  • Mahatma (Indian) - Great Person; Great Soul; Good Spirit
  • Marcel (Latin) - Little Marcus [English and French speaking countries]

    French cognate of Marcellus, most famous in the years 1930-1940.

  • Navid (Scottish) - Good news.
  • Nicolas (English) - Victorious: conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas.
  • Norris (French) - From the north.
  • Omdutt (Indian) - Given by God; Blessing of God; Gift from the sacred being
  • Orlando (Germanic) - Famous country [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Italian form of Roland. A character in Shakespeare's play 'As You like It' bears this name, as does a city in Florida.
    Orlando appeared as a central character in a sequence of verse romances from the XVth century onwards, including Orlando Furioso

  • Parsifal (English) - Hero of several Arthurian stories
  • Ramsey (English) - Wild garlic island [English speaking countries]
  • Ryland (English) - Land where rye is grown [English speaking countries]

    Transferred use of the English surname, for someone who lived near a piece of land where rye was grown, from Old English ryge (rye) land (land).

    It may also be a variant of Dutch surname Reiland, possibly from a variant of the Germanic pers

  • Serafina (Hebrew) - Seraph
  • Stanley (English) - Meadow that is stony [English speaking countries]

    Stanley was the name of the character played by Marlon Brando in the film "A Streetcar Named Desire", which is based upon the play by Tennessee Williams. Stanley is also a place name across the UK and the US.

    Morgan Stanley is an investm

Female Names
  • Abriella (Hebrew,United States) - One who is derived from God or the pillar of strength
  • Aislinn (Gaelic) - Dream [English speaking countries]

    Respelling of the Gaelic word 'aisling'.

  • Ava (Germanic) - N/A [English and German speaking countries]

    This name could be a respelling of Eva.

    St Ava was a 9th century nun, the daughter of Pepin II of Aquitaine.

    It has become more popular in the USA since the late 1980s, and in 2006 was the fifth most popular name.

  • Caitlyn (Gaelic) - Pure [English speaking countries]

    Caitlyn is a modern respelling of the traditional Irish Caitlin.

  • Cherika (Indian) - A tribal name meaning the Moon
  • Darla (Welsh) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Said to be a play on the word "Darling", although that is not substantiated in any way. Made extremely popular in the USA by the character "Darla" in the well known American comedy series "The Little Rascals".

  • Emestina (German) - Serious
  • Gloriana (English) - Glorious grace
  • Jamila (Arabic) - Beautiful [African, Arabic, English and Swahili speaking countries]
  • Jennabel (English) - Modern variant of Jenny and Jennifer.
  • Jip (English)
  • Karlie (German) - Free man [English speaking countries]
  • Lillyana (Spanish) - Purity, beauty
  • Litya (Indian) - The one who is happy
  • Lorena (Latin) - Man from Laurentum [English speaking countries]
  • Mariam (Aramaic) - Uncertain, maybe bitter [Arabic, English, French, Greek and Armenian speaking countries]

    Aramaic alternative form of the Hebrew name Miriam.
    It is also the form of Mary used in the Greek translation of the Bible.
    It was mistaken as a Latin accusative case and gave the well-known name Maria.

    It can also be conside

  • Mayer (French) - Headman: mayor. Surname.
  • Mehak (Indian) - An aura of smell
  • Millie (English) - Strength: determination.
  • Natalya (Spanish) - First born child. Christmas child.
  • Palila (Hawaiian) - A rare and small bird
  • Rudrakali (Indian) - A name of the Goddess Durga
  • Rylie (English) - Rye clearing [English speaking countries]

    A modern repselling of Riley.

  • Sanchita (Indian) - Collection
  • Sashi (Indian) - Moon
  • Sheralin (United States) - Woman who is beautiful
  • Sunspot
  • Tanaya (Indian) - Daughter
  • Telfour - Works in iron
  • Zayley (Greek) - Dry [English speaking countries]

    Zaley and its variants is a modern American English coinage which could either come as a nickname for Azalea or from the name Azalea, or it is simply a case of someone exchanging a "Z" for the "H" in the popular Haley.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Amrit (Sanskrit) - Immortal; ambrosia; nectar [English and Hindi speaking countries]
  • Arely (Hebrew) - Brave; courageous, heroic [English speaking countries]

    Modern respelling of the legitimate masculine Hebrew name, Areli.

    Also could be a shortened form of nickname for Ariela or Aurelio/Aurelia. Found more frequently used in the Hispanic/Latino culture.

  • Ariel Sharon
  • Armani (Germanic) - Freeman [English and Armenian speaking countries]

    Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer.

  • Charu (Indian) - Name of a flower in sanskrit; Divinely good looking; Out of materialistic world Beauty like the moon and Lord Ram
  • Cherokee
  • Chubby
  • Cool
  • Dixie (English) - Strong power; hardy power [English speaking countries]

    In the US this is an abbreviation of the Mason Dixon line and as such refers to the region south of the line.

  • Dusty (English) - Full of dust [English speaking countries]

    Dusty is a common nickname for the given name Dustin, but is sometimes used on its own as a given name for both males and females.

    Dusty Springfield was a successful british pop music singer in the 1960's.

  • Facy
  • Jocelyn (French) - Tribal name of the Gauts [English speaking countries]

    In past centuries an exclusively male name, Jocelyn is today given almost exclusively to females.

    Jocelyn Bell Purnell is an astrophysicist, who helped discover pulsars. Other famous bearers include socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein and comedi

  • Joweese (United States) - people with this name are joyful and haven refreshing sort of personality. They love to travel and are sensitive in nature. They are attractive and have elegant appearance.
  • Keikilani (Hawaiian) - Keiklani means Heaven's Child
  • Kurukshetra (Indian) - The name means Holy Place
  • Lexis (Greek) - Defender [English speaking countries]
  • Mackenzi (Gaelic) - Son of Coinneach; son of the fair one [English speaking countries]

    Trendy respelling of the traditional masculine surname Mackenzie.

  • Madhava (Indian) - One born in the spring seasson
  • Maura - Dark skinned
  • Melea (United States) - The one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his life
  • Michi (Japanese) - the upright path.
  • Pathana (Indian) - One who is born to appreciate and to read
  • Robin (Germanic) - Bright fame [English speaking countries]

    Robin is a pet form of Robert and has strong literary ties. Robin Hood is a legendary champion of the poor and Robin is also the name of two character's in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", including the trickster Robin Goodfellow who is also kn

  • Row - Deer
  • Sagramour - A knight
  • Sani (United States) - The old one, too ancient, a gift
  • Sonary (Indian) - A place name, one who comes from the Sonari district in India
  • Stedeman - Owns a farm
  • Strang - Powerful
  • Winn (English) - Friend [English speaking countries]
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