Random Names

Male Names
  • Aakash (Indian) - The Sky
  • Abhinand (Indian) - Celebrating; reason of joy; blessing
  • Alessandro (Greek) - Defending men [English and Italian speaking countries]

    Italian form of Alexander.

    Alessandro de' Medici was the first de' Medici to be the Duke of Florence, and was the grandson of Lorenzo the Magnificent. He was assassinated by his cousin Lorenzino de' Medici.

    Other bearers incl

  • Chekitana (Indian) - An ally of Pandavas
  • Condan (Celtic) - Dark haired wise man
  • Crew (English) - A group of workers or mates [English speaking countries]
  • Darnel (English) - Hidden.
  • Draven (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Draven was a name used in the movie "The Crow." It is popular among gothic circles, but has no known meaning.

  • Flaviu (Romanian,Roman) - Romanian form of Flavius, meaning golden or yellow haired.
  • Gerred (English) - Variant of Garret from Gerald rules by the spear.
  • Hanumanbax (Indian) - A victorious being who always smiles
  • Harte (English) - Strong: brave. Surname.
  • Jaginder (Indian,Hindu) - Lord of the World; Supreme Being of the Universe; Ruler of the Universe; Lord Shiva
  • Johnny (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English speaking countries]

    Nickname for John- or Jon- names. Form of John adopted by popular American actor Johnny Depp.

  • Kalvin (French) - Bald [English speaking countries]
  • Kermilda (Scottish) - Gilded
  • Luke (Greek) - Man from Lucania [English speaking countries]

    St Luke was the author of the Biblical books of Luke and of the Acts of the Apostles. He is traditionally seen as being a physician or a doctor.

    Luke was ranked as the 17th most popular boy's name in the UK in 2006, but was rated 43rd in t

  • Matias (Hebrew) - Gift of God [English, Finnish and Spanish speaking countries]

    Finnish and Spanish form of Matthias.

  • Meara (Irish) - Happy
  • Nabhiray (Indian) - A variation of the name Nabhiraj. It means father of Lord Rishabhdev.
  • Nehemiah (Hebrew) - Consoled by God [English speaking countries]

    Nehemiah is a character in the Bible. He organized the rebuilding of Jerusalem following the Babylonian exile. The Book of Nehemiah is a continuation of the works set out in the Book of Ezra.

  • Odelyna (English) - Little wealthy one
  • Orlondo (Germanic) - Famous country [English speaking countries]
  • Raben (Indian) - The king of all
  • Ricweard (English) - Strong guardian
  • Sachint (Indian) - The essence, the existance of things
  • Santosh (Indian) - Happiness
  • Taurean (Latin) - Of Taurus [English speaking countries]

    May or may not be related to the astrological sign, Taurus. People who are born under the sign of Taurus are called Taureans.

  • Torey (Irish) - Derived from Victoria triumphant.
  • Triton (Greek)
Female Names
  • Aaliyah (Arabic) - Lofty, sublime, exalted [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    This particular spelling of the name Aliyah is extremely popular in the U.S., probably due to its association with the late singer and actress Aaliyah.

  • Alma (Hebrew) - Maiden [English, Hebrew and Spanish speaking countries]

    Could be explained as from the Hebrew, 'maiden', from the Germanic 'amal', 'effort', or from the Latin 'alma', 'nourishing'.

    The River Alma in Ukraine was the site of a battle during the Crimean War, which was won by British, French and Ot

  • Amalia (Spanish) - Spanish form of Amelia industrious
  • Bridgette (Gaelic) - The exalted one [English speaking countries]

    Elaboration of Bridget.

  • Carmon (English) - Unique
  • Carolyn (German) - Free man [English speaking countries]

    Variation on Caroline under influence of Lynn.

  • Chandrabrati (Indian) - Vow made to the Moon
  • Crysta (Latin) - Follower of Christ [English speaking countries]
  • Darcel (French) - Dark.
  • Deanne (Hebrew) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Thought to have been an anglicization of either the Latin Diana or Diane or a feminine form of Dean.

  • Deiene (Spanish) - Religious holiday
  • Fantina (French) - Childlike
  • Feni (Indian) - A sweet lady
  • Haia (Japanese) - Japanese - Nimble; Quick
  • Jaqueline (Hebrew) - Supplanter [English speaking countries]
  • Kiarra (Irish)
  • Kielle (Hawaiian) - The name means Gardenia
  • Kolambi (Indian) - Kolambi means The Flute of Lord Shiva
  • Leuieua (Australian) - Autralian name meaning volcano lava
  • Lopa (Indian) - A wife of a sage
  • Maeko (Japanese) - The child of truth
  • Meturato (Arabic) - Black kettle (Cheyenne)
  • Natae-Tyanna (Hebrew) - Natae is a perfume, Jeanatae. Tyanna is Greek princess.
  • Norma (Gaelic) - Thor mind, Thor courage [English speaking countries]

    An invented name of uncertain origin which gained later popularity in Britain as a feminine form of Norman.

  • Pinakini (Indian) - Bow shaped; Curve
  • Sara (Hebrew) - Princess [Danish, English, Hindi and Spanish speaking countries]

    Variant of Sarah. Sara may also be a Sanskrit male name [sah-ruh] meaning "the Essence."

    Sara Lee is a food company that specialises in frozen and packaged foods. Sara Ramírez is an actress, and Sara Evans is a country singer-songwriter.

  • Sarai (Hebrew) - Argumentative
  • Solaina (Native American) - Dignified
  • Vanishree (Indian,Sanskrit) - One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi signifying her form holding Veena
  • Zana (Hebrew) - Lily; rose [English speaking countries]

    A nickname for Susanna, though could potentially be used on its own.

Gender Neutral Names
  • Amigo (Hispanic) - Friend
  • Ansley (Gaelic) - Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood [English speaking countries]

    Scottish surname of a habituation nature. Has enjoyed moderate success in the latest trend of choosing surnames as given names, along with it's varients Ainslie and Ainsley. traditionally a masculine name, it is sometimes used in these modern times for a

  • Brook (English) - A brook, stream [English speaking countries]
  • Capoochino
  • Dalbir (Indian) - A soldier
  • Facy
  • Ghar (Indian) - A house or a home
  • Harsimran (Indian) - Remembering God [English speaking countries]
  • Horizon - Apparent Edge of Land
  • Io (Greek)
  • Iridian (English) - Related to the eye [English speaking countries]

    "Iridian" may be derived from the Greek prefix "irid-", meaning "iris" (of the eye). The name is of modern coinage, and its meaning and origin are uncertain.

  • Jasbeer (Indian) - A victorious hero
  • Jasmine
  • Jay (English) - Jay bird [English and Hindi speaking countries]

    Jay may also be used as a nickname for names beginning with J, or as a full name independently.
    A jay is a type of small bird.
    Jay is the name of a character of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gasby" (1925).

  • Journey (English) - A journey [English speaking countries]
  • Kanak (Indian) - Kanak means Gold, The Golden One
  • Kasey (Gaelic) - From Cayce [English speaking countries]

    Kasey is a respelling of the first and last name Casey. See Casey's name profile for more information.

  • Kesha [English and Russian speaking countries]

    As a Russian male name, Kesha is a pet form of various names, including Vikenti and Innokenti.

    As a female American modern coinage, Kesha may be related to such names as Keisha or Lakeisha/Lakesha.

  • Kitty Carlyle
  • Michele (Hebrew) - Who is like God? [English, French and Italian speaking countries]

    Michele is the Italian form of boys name Michael.

    Michèle is the feminine form of French name Michel, also related to Michael. It is also used in the English-speaking world (with or without the accent). It is pronounced 'mee-SHELL'.

  • Monone (United States) - A person with a horse like quality
  • Pebbles
  • Prishita (Indian) - One that carries the name of God
  • Puneeth (Indian) - A person who is pure inside and holy
  • Ravyn - Dark haired or wise
  • Ruhleah - From the rough meadow
  • Samit (Indian) - One who is collected
  • Stash or Moustache
  • Taaj (Indian) - One who is crowned
  • Zaire (African) - River [English speaking countries]

    The word "Zaire" is a Portuguese corruption of "nezere," the Kikongo word for "river." Zaire is a former name of the Congo river, and is also the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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