Random Names

Male Names
  • Aart - Like an eagle
  • Adhunik (Indian) - Latest; Modern; New; Fresh
  • Adiyaman (Indian) - Always Shines; Black Bird
  • Barrick (English) - Grain farm.
  • Chaz (United States,Old German) - Variant of Charles; free man
  • Corbin (French) - Raven-haired.
  • Daimhin (Irish) - Bard
  • Dainan (Australian) - Kind hearted.
  • Dairion - Unknown
  • Dayadeep (Indian) - A lamp which produces compassion
  • Divyaansh (Indian) - Divine Part; Spiritual Wisdom
  • Duggan (Irish) - Black
  • Ekdak (Indian) - One who is identical
  • Garron (French) - Guards: guardian.
  • Graeme - Warring
  • Hagalean (English) - From the hedged enclosure
  • Hudson (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Hudson is of uncertain origin with possible ties to Huda, Hudde, Hugh, and Richard.

    Hudson Bay in north-east Canada and the Hudson River which marks the border between New York and New Jersey were named after the explorer Henry Hudson.

  • Jasanpreet (Indian) - Renowned Love; Famous Love; Honoured love and Care
  • Jensen (Finnish) - Son of Johannes [English speaking countries]
  • Jyesth (Indian) - The Eldest; Respected and Honourable; One of the many names of Lord Vishnu
  • Mahaadev (Indian) - One of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as supreme being and God of all Deva's
  • Nityam (Indian) - One who is constant
  • Osvaldo (German) - Uncertain, possibly divine power [English and Spanish speaking countries]
  • Prince (English) - Royal son [English speaking countries]

    "Prince" is ultimately derived from the Latin "princeps," meaning "the first." Prince is a title used in most royal houses to indicate a son in line for the throne.

    Prince is also the name of an American musician who famously changed his n

  • Ramiro (Germanic) - Powerful in battle, powerful in army [English and Spanish speaking countries]

    Ramiro is ancient and Tuetonic in origin. The surname Ramirez derives from the name Ramiro. The meaning is derivative from Ramiro, a Spanish martial who served under King Leovigild of the Visigoths.

  • Rashaan (Arabic) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Although Rashaan gives the appearance of possibly being of Arabic or Punjabi lineage, it is most likely a very modern creation influenced by the sound of Arabic or Punjabi names. No known meaning for this name can be found, once again pointing to the lik

  • Roberto (Germanic) - Bright fame [English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries]

    Roberto Cavalli is a fashion designer.

  • Shiloh (Hebrew) - Peaceful, tranquil [English speaking countries]

    Shiloh (variant transcription of Shilo) is a Biblical place name. It was a gathering place and sanctuary of the Hebrew at the time of the Judges, between Jericho and Sachem.

    It is also used as a reference to the Messiah, although this is l

  • Terence (Latin) - Uncertain; maybe soft, tender [English speaking countries]

    The name was borne by a Roman writer of comedies, Publius Terentius Afer, commonly known as Terence.

  • Tristen (Gaelic) - Tumult [English speaking countries]
Female Names
  • Aaliyah (Arabic) - Ascender
  • Bijaya (Indian) - Victory
  • Eden (Hebrew) - Perfect: Pleasure. The gardenlike Biblical first home of Adam and Eve.
  • Fiona (Scottish) - Fair.
  • Frida (German) - Peace [English, Norwegian and Swedish speaking countries]

    Also an Icelandic name derived from the Nordic word "Frior" or "peace".

    Famous bearers include artist Frida Kahlo, and ABBA member Frida or Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

    Frida is particularly popular in Norway - it was #20 there in 200

  • Honovi (Native American) - Strong deer (Hopi)
  • Iliana (Hebrew) - The Lord has responded [English speaking countries]
  • Jeanne (Hebrew) - God is gracious [English and French speaking countries]

    In English the pronunciation of this name is sometimes anglicised to 'jeen'.

  • Joachim (Indian) - God prepares
  • Kennelly (Scottish) - Surname.
  • Keyla (Hebrew,United States) - Keyla name means Who is like the Lord
  • Kiele (Hawaiian) - Kiele means Fragnant Blossom
  • Lilian (Hebrew) - My God is a vow [English speaking countries]

    This name was first recorded in the 16th century as a diminutive of Elizabeth. It is now more commonly considered to be connected with the name Lily.
    Lilian also happens to be the French male form of Liliane.

  • Madeleine (Hebrew) - From Magdala [English and French speaking countries]

    French cognate of Magdalene, also in common use in English-speaking countries.

    A madeleine is a famous sort of French butter cookie or cake. Several French communes and geographical features are named Madeleine after Mary Magdalene.

  • Manitha (Indian,Marathi) - Honored
  • Methotaske (United States) - One who lays eggs in sand, or laying eggs in sand.
  • Nohely (English) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Modern American English coinage, which could possibly have been fashioned after names such as Noelie and Nayeli. No known meaning or direct line of etymology.

  • Padmal (Indian) - Flower of Goddess Laxmi; the Lotus flower
  • Sayani (Indian) - An evening light
  • Sharrie (United States) - A very darling, sweet woman
  • Sherita (Hebrew) - N/A [English speaking countries]

    Modern coinage, possibly based on the name Cheryl or Sherry.
    The name reached rank #709 of the US top of names in 1985.

  • Shock (English)
  • Sudarshana (Indian) - Handsome
  • Sunspot
  • Sushmita (Indian) - Good smile, smiling
  • Sydnee (English) - Wide meadow [English speaking countries]

    A modern respelling of Sydney.

  • Tasha (English)
  • Tawnya (Irish) - A green field: the warm sandy color of a lion's coat.
  • Teri (Greek) - Harvester [English speaking countries]
  • Yesenia (Arabic) - Flora [English speaking countries]
Gender Neutral Names
  • Ahe (Hawaiian) - softly blowing breeze
  • Amani (Arabic) - Desires; aspirations; wishes [Arabic and English speaking countries]

    This is an Arabic male name; but is also a prominent African name of Swahili origin. It is used as a unisex name there, and also for both boys and girls in English speaking countries, like the the U.S.

  • Cain (Hebrew) - A spear [English and Welsh speaking countries]

    Cain has four separate origins. From the Hebrew, it means 'a spear'. In Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, Cain was the world's first murderer. In Welsh Cain is a feminine name meaning 'beautiful' or 'fair' (this usage is completely unrelated to the

  • Capoochino
  • Cory (Germanic) - God's peace [English speaking countries]

    A spelling variation of the male name Corey. As a female name it is a nickname of a Cor- name such as Cornelia or Cora.

  • Dekedrian (United States) - Happy-go-lucky individual; created name
  • Donaver (United States) - Capability of doing or accomplishing something
  • Elisha (Hebrew) - My God is salvation [English and Hebrew speaking countries]

    A male name in Hebrew, pronounced "eh LY shah." In the Old Testament, Elisha was a prophet - the disciple and successor of Elijah.

    In modern times Elisha ("eh LEE shah") has gained popularity as an alternate spelling of the feminine name A

  • Grammer
  • Hadley (English) - Field of heather [English speaking countries]

    Coming from the surname Hadley.

  • Horizon - Apparent Edge of Land
  • Jetta
  • Jilian - Jove's child. Variant of Gillian from the masculine Julian.
  • Jordyn (Hebrew) - Descend; flow down [English speaking countries]

    Jordyn is a respelling of the name Jordan. It is used for both boys and girls but in the US is more popular for females, due to the recent trend of replacing vowels with the letter Y which some believe "makes a name more feminine".

  • Kahoni (Hawaiian) - Kahoni means The Kiss
  • Lord shiva (Indian) - A Hindu God, Lord Shiva
  • Mamgain (Indian) - An idian surname
  • Mara (Hebrew) - Bitter [English, Hebrew, Hindi and Hungarian speaking countries]

    Mara is a name that appears in many mythologies.

    A Hebrew name meaning "bitter, bitterness", Mara is one with the Biblical figure of Naomi. She changed her name from Naomi (pleasant) to Mara after she suffered the deaths of her husband and

  • Mateo - God's gift
  • Nesayem (Indian) - Blossom, floret, bud, bloom.
  • Ops (Greek)
  • Pragnya (Indian) - A well known, famous scholar
  • Pushpam (Indian) - A person who is lotus eyed, a flower
  • Ricki (French) - Strong power; hardy power [English speaking countries]
  • Skipper
  • Squiggles
  • Sweet Thing
  • Tracey (English) - Thracius' place [English speaking countries]

    Also an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Treasach ('warlike, fierce')

  • Trojan (Greek)
  • Zaire (African) - River [English speaking countries]

    The word "Zaire" is a Portuguese corruption of "nezere," the Kikongo word for "river." Zaire is a former name of the Congo river, and is also the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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